We are please to offer the new 4C Collection by label.m at Ko Hairdressing, offering our clients iconic styling and professional results. All of the products contain naturally sourced active ingredients and essential oils and are available at our reduced costs when you visit Ko.

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Gentle Cleansing Shampoo 300ml £9.25
Daily Shine Conditioner 300ml £11.95
Honey & Oat Shampoo 300ml £11.50
Honey & Oat Conditioner 300ml £14.25
Colour Stay Shampoo 300ml £10.50
Colour Stay Conditioner 300ml £13.25
Treatment Shampoo 300ml £9.25
Moisturising Conditioner 300ml £12.50
Deep Cleansing Shampoo 300ml £9.25
Leave in Conditioner 300ml £12.95
Intensive Repair Shampoo 300ml £11.95
Intensive Repair Shampoo 300ml £9.25
label.men Daily Moisturising Shampoo 300ml £11.00
Peppermint Treatment 150ml £11.50
Intensive Mask 120ml £12.50
Warming Oil Treatment 15ml (x4) £15.25
Organic Moisturising Lemongrass Shampoo 200ml £13.75
Organic Moisturising Lemongrass Conditioner 200ml £17.75
Organic Orange Blossom Shampoo 200ml £13.75
Organic Orange Blossom Conditioner 200ml £17.75
Protein Spray 250ml £12.25
Heat Protection Spray 200ml £11.25
Strong Wax 50ml £10.95
Gel 150ml £9.75
Relaxing Balm 150ml £13.75
Smoothing Cream 150ml £12.95
Thickening Cream 100ml £11.95
Sleek Blow Out Cream 150ml £14.50
Blow Out Spray 200ml £11.25
Souffle 120ml £11.95
Curl Cream 150ml £12.75
Curl Spray 200ml £9.95
Volume Mousse 200ml £11.50
Extra Strong Mousse 200ml £11.25
Volume Foam 210ml £11.95
Sea Salt Spray 200ml £12.25
Soft Wax 100ml £11.95
Hair Glue 100ml £12.95
Wax Stick 65ml £13.25
Matt Paste 50ml/120ml £11.25/£21.00
Mud Clay 50ml £10.95
Shaper 50ml £8.95
Mesh Styling 50ml £9.25
Power Paste 50ml £11.95
Frizz Control Serum 30ml £12.75
Miracle Fibre 50ml £12.50
Hair Polish 50ml £9.95
Split-end Sealer Compact 6g/6g Refill £22.50/£11.25
Shine Spray 125ml £11.25
Shine Mist 200ml £12.25
Hairspray 300ml £10.95
Hold & Gloss Spray 200ml (x4) £11.75
Resurrection Style Dust 3g/7g £10.00/£16.75
Dry Shampoo 200ml £10.50